SKU: 040121
Reloop Stand Hub is the industry‘s first combination of a multi functional laptop stand and advanced USB C-hub with power delivery support.
129,00 €
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This innovative solution is the ultimate USB hub for DJs, producers & creative minds, providing connectivity for all devices whilst optimizing workspace with a flexible assembly.

  • 4x USB-A 3.0 ports for fast data transfer with SuperSpeed support
  • Flexible assembly with 6 postions for a wide range of applications and placements
  • MacBooks and laptops with USB-C power connection can be powered directly from the Stand Hub via the USB-C PD port
  • Works as active or passive USB-C / USB-A hub with all Laptops
  • Suitable for all common laptop sizes (11"-18"), tablets, controllers and more
  • Including 3 connection cables: USB C to C (30 cm), USB C to A (25 cm), USB C to A (50 cm)
  • Incl. protective bag for safe transportation of Stand Hub and connection cables