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ECP Programmable Touch Screen Panel.
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Lite-Puter’s LC-ECP-T03 and LC-ECP-T04 are highly customizable touch screen panels. It is easy to con gure a user-friendly interface by our software. USB port, Ethernet, and LC-DMX-512 protocol ensure the most extensive connectivity and compatibility. It is also simple to set up and allocate the lighting system by 40 zones and 12 scenes for each zone. Remote control and build-in event scheduler make lighting control easier. By the  exibilities and extensibilities, LC-ECP-T03 and LC-ECP-T04 are the most ideal touch screen panels to realize an intuitive centralized control in architectural and entertainment lighting environment. * LC-DMX-512 output is off ered only by LC-ECP-T04

  • Power Input: DC 12V 350mA
  • Protocol: EDX
  • Connection Port : LAN /USB
  • Display Resolution: 320*240 pixel
  • Screen Size: 5.7 inch
  • Dimension: 215(W)*140(H)*39(D)mm
  • Weight: 520g