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Dimmer 4 καναλιών, 5Α ανά κανάλι με δυνατότητα τοποθέτησης σε ράγα .  Διαθέτει ...
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  • 4 channels outputs to dim 0-10V fluorescent lamps or incandescent lamps. Switch mode available to control non-dim lamps.
  • DMX-512/EDX
  • Din-rail mounting.
  • 6 Scenes can be stored and recalled by ECP control panels.
  • Up to 99 zones setting.
  • Can set the OFF time for AC OUT power from 1 second to 99 seconds.
  • Can set the fade time for each scene.


  • Power:AC 100-240V
  • Protocol:DMX-512/1990, EDX
  • Output:4 channels, 5A per channel max. Total 12A max
  • DMX Signal Connector:6P6C Phone Jack x2, 4PIN Terminal x1
  • Dimension:190(W)*88(H)*57(D)mm
  • Weight:590g

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